1) A scientific article should correspond to the stated purpose and thematic direction of the journal.

2) A scientific article must contain the results of original scientific research previously unpublished and not intended for publication in other publications.

3) The language of the scientific article and the terminology used in it should be understandable to a wide range of readers and representatives of all specialties.

4) The scientific style should correspond to the generally accepted norms of literary speech, differ from colloquial, business and other styles, be characterized by a logically coherent presentation of the work, accompanied by an argumentation of each position of the author.

5) The volume of the article should be from 15 to 30 thousand characters (with spaces, taking into account footnotes and inscriptions) or 6-10 pages. The publication of materials of a smaller or larger volume is previously agreed with the Editorial Board of the journal.

6) The article must meet the criteria of relevance, scientific novelty, uniqueness (over 80% of the original text), contain the authors approach to the topic / problem being studied.

7) The material contained in the article should not be descriptive, stating well-known facts. Manuscripts reproducing the legislative framework are subject to rejection.

8) It is necessary to pay attention to the use of borrowed material, the accuracy and correctness of its citation. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the material provided. The verification of scientific articles for the presence of borrowings is carried out using the "Anti-Plagiarism" systems https://www.strikeplagiariasm.com

9) In the article it is necessary to refer to the works of Kazakhstani authors who have contributed to the development and improvement of domestic science.


The editorial board of the Journal strongly recommends that the authors contain links to the articles of the authors published in previous issues of the journal "Science and Life of Kazakhstan".

10) Self-citation in the article when writing a scientific work by the author is allowed in the smallest amount. It is recommended to pay attention to the significant scientific works of scientists of the world.

Note: According to the format of the magazine, we ask the authors to use an official photo in the size of 4x5, which will be published together with the article. The photo is already placed in the document with the article above the authors name in order to avoid misunderstandings among the authors of the article. Please post photos in good quality!

11) We strongly ask you to check every article through the antivirus system in order to avoid technical misunderstandings!