All articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal "Science and Life of Kazakhstan" undergo mandatory double-blind review. Based on the reviews received, the editorial board of the journal makes a final decision.
The procedure for reviewing articles:
1. To submit an application for publication of an article, you must go to the journals website and click on the "Submit article" button.
2. Fill in the text fields. Attach the article file in .doc / .docx (MS Word), sign a public offer - an agreement on the independent nature of the submitted manuscript, consent to the verification of the article for plagiarism and granting exclusive rights to the publisher. Check the completed data and click the "Send" button
3. The manuscript sent by the author is sent to the editorial office of the journal. The responsible scientific editor checks the manuscript for compliance with technical requirements and checks the manuscript for independence of execution through an automatic plagiarism check system. Based on the results of automatic verification of the manuscript for plagiarism, a full verification report is uploaded. If the percentage of originality is below the established threshold, then the article is not accepted for consideration for publication in the journal.
4. Further, if the article passes the plagiarism test, the responsible scientific editor of the journal sends the article to the editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief reviews the article for compliance with the subject of the journal. In case of non-compliance, the editorial board of the journal sends the author a letter justifying the refusal to publish. On average, the initial review of the article takes 10-14 days. 5. Next, the editor-in-chief determines the reviewers for each article that has passed the initial selection.
6. Further, the responsible scientific editor sends the manuscript with a full report on the plagiarism check to the reviewer in order to determine the possibility of publishing the article in the journal.
7. The journal uses a two-way "blind" review procedure, when the editorial board does not disclose the names of authors and reviewers.The review of articles is carried out not only by members of the editorial board and the editorial board, but also by invited experts - recognized experts in the scientific field to which the subject of the article corresponds.
8. The reviewer submits to the editorial board of the journal a reasoned review of the article, including the relevance of the topic under study, the authors contribution to the scientific field, the level of the results obtained. In order to obtain the most complete and objective review of the article, the editorial board has developed a Map of the manuscript review, where the reviewer should assess the level of reflection of the following issues in the article:

Bad Satisfactorily Good Excellent
Relevance of the topic of work
The degree of novelty of the study
Theoretical and applied significance
of the research described in the paper
Structuring and integrity of work
Readability of the article
Obtained results and methods
  • All reviews contain a recommendation to publish the article (with or without modifications) or to refuse publication.
  • The review period is from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • All reviews are submitted to the editorial office of the journal.
  • Next, the responsible scientific editor sends the reviews to the editor-in-chief.
  • If a review is received for revision with the consent of the editor-in-chief, the responsible scientific editor sends a review of the article to the author with the note "to finalize the article according to the reviewers comments". In this case, the author must provide an amended version of the article within two weeks.
  • All materials on the article (reviews, plagiarism report) are submitted to the meeting of the editorial board. The decision on the possibility of publishing an article in the journal is made by the editorial board of the journal based on the reviews of reviewers. Articles that have received a negative review are not accepted for reconsideration. On average, the decision to publish is made within 1 to 3 months.
  • All materials on the article are sent to the author who submitted the article. Publication is carried out on a first-come, first-served basis as soon as the material is ready. The editorial board has the right to form a queue in accordance with the headings of upcoming issues.
  • After receiving a positive opinion from the editorial board of the journal, the author must attach a payment receipt file.