The main purpose of the publication is to provide an opportunity for the scientific community and practitioners to publish the results of their research, to draw attention to promising and relevant areas of social and humanitarian sciences, to strengthen the exchange of views between the scientific community of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.


The journal is aimed at scientists and practitioners specializing in law, pedagogy, philology and art history, undergraduates and doctoral students studying in these areas of training.

The journals policy is based on the principle of an interdisciplinary approach, which allows the scientific and scientific-pedagogical community to present the achievements of research teams and individual authors in different fields of sciences, as well as orientation to the quality of published material approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to scientific publications for inclusion in the list of publications recommended for publication of the results of scientific activity.


The periodicity of publication of each issue of the magazine is six times a year.


The results of fundamental and applied scientific research, reviews, as well as scientific results of dissertations of undergraduates and PhD doctoral students are accepted for publication in the journal:
1. the subject of the journal
2. the rules for sending manuscripts of articles
3. the requirements for the design of manuscripts of articles
4. the rules for reviewing manuscripts of articles

No more than two articles from one author, including co-authorship, are accepted for publication in one issue of the journal. The number of articles by one author published in one issue of the journal can be increased only by a special decision of the editor-in-chief of the journal.

Not allowed for consideration:
1. articles designed without observing the rules for the design of manuscripts of articles;
2. articles containing more than 20% of the borrowed text from open sources.


All scientific articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal "Science and Life of Kazakhstan" undergo mandatory double-blind review (the reviewer does not know the authors of the manuscript, the authors of the manuscript do not know the reviewers).


The archive consists of the texts of peer-reviewed articles, annotations and references that are published in the international scientific journal "Science and Life of Kazakhstan".